Monday, March 9, 2009

Still having tummy troubles?

If you've tried the bland diet and yogurt, but your dog still has the upset tummy blues, see your vet. There are two prescriptions that our doctor gives us that work wonders.

The first medication is Gastricalm chewable tablets. You give this twice a day (for small dogs 1/2 tab, but dosage will be specified) This coats the stomach and makes them feel better fairly quickly. In the past, an emergency animal center told me on two separate occasions to give half a tablet of Pepto Bismol to my small Pomeranian. NEVER do this! Pepto Bismol contains aspirin, which is poisonous to dogs.

The second medication comes in a dual package. It's called PROVIABLE – KP is a paste and DC are capsules that go with it. This stuff is awesome. It's a multi-strain probiotic , paste helps firm stools and capsules help get the intestinal balance back. This is yogurt times a million!

I've used both of these products on several occasions, with fantastic results each time. Besides being wonderful products, they are very affordable too.

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  1. It is so obvious from your blog how much you care about your pets. The items you write yourself are the most interesting to read, you have a good writers voice...and a cute picture of your dogs makes it even a bigger treat! PJ