Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dog Grooming Tools

The following accessories will aid in the maintenance of the dog’s exterior finish. All material found on Dogster.com.

Brush: It is important to select a brush that is suitable for your dog’s coat. The ideal tool is a soft wire brush that can remove tangles without irritating skin.

Comb: Usually made of steel and featuring both fine and coarse teeth, this tool can remove burrs and tangles and bring order to the coat of a longhaired dog.

Currycomb: Often made of rubber, this tool removes loose hair from shorthaired breeds while also massaging the skin.

Grooming Glove: Covered with nubby, hair-catching material, the glove is useful for face grooming, and for brushing dogs with extremely short hair.

Nail Clippers: There are two basic types—guillotine-style clippers and standard scissors-style clippers. Both work well.

Scissors: Excellent for removing particularly stubborn tangles or burrs.

Shedding Tool: This blade-like device with serrated edges is ideal for removing excess fur from longhaired breeds.

Styptic Powder: This blood-clotting powder (available at most retailers) will quickly stop bleeding caused by trimming a dog’s nails too closely.

Undercoat Rake: As the name implies, this tool removes loose hair from the dense undercoat of long-haired and thick-haired breeds, such as the husky and Irish setter.
Dog Grooming Tools

I found this useful guide on Dogster.com, but is written by –
Quirk Books: The Dog Owner's Manual is a basic guide to dog care.
"The book was written by a celebrated veterinarian and an acclaimed author. It provides dog owners with well-researched and helpful information presented in a lighthearted manner. The creators chose to write the book in a style similar to what you'd find in "operating instructions" for a car or computer. Of course they--and we--respect the fact that our beloved pets are not products or machines!"

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Spotbot Pet

I received a Spotbot Pet for my birthday and finally got around to using it. I must admit that it is awesome and works great. The only downside is that it works a little too well. The spots that were treated with the Spotbot are super clean, but now the rest of the carpet looks dirty. I better drag my upright machine out and clean the rest. Until then, here are some before, in progress and after photos.

Before using the Spotbot, there were some dark spots that refused to budge with hand cleaning. I used spray stain remover and wet rags and tried to scrub the spots away, with no luck. Here is what it looked like prior to using:

Here's the Spotbot in action. It's totally hands-free and easy to use.

This is Mel, checking out the new machine. I'm pretty sure that he knows this is because of him and his sisters.

Spots are totally gone! Here's the result:

Sasha shows her approval.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mr. Green Feet

We call him Mr. Green Feet. This only happens to one of my dogs when I mow the grass. Two out of the three enjoy sitting out there while I'm doing yard work, but the other one only wants to be out there when you're playing. It's been pretty rainy here lately, so not too much yard work or outdoor adventures taking place.

We're still here, just haven't had time to do much blogging or taking photos. Recently, my life consists of work, school and more work, with not much time for anything else. I can't wait until the school semester is over, so we can have a little fun. I hope everyone is having a good summer so far.

Do forget your K-9 Advantix for the ultimate doggy protection and bug spray for the humans.