Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Buffalo Blue treats... Mmm Mmm, Good

I was at PetSmart a few weeks ago and found these treats on sale. A decent size bag for $4.69. While not as good of a bargain as the old Milkbone standby, I thought I would "treat" them to something new. I'm always on the lookout for treats that my dogs will like and that they are allowed to eat. I say allowed, because some have been banned due someone eating too fast and choking.

My dogs are always VERY excited about new things, whether it's food or toys. I open up the bag and they can hardly contain themselves. Sasha is jumping up and down, Cercei is about to wag her tail right off and Mel is running around like crazy. "Hurry Up" seems to be the message they are sending me. I open up the bag and these things are HUGE! Think of a dollar bill that is folded in half. No way are they getting a whole one to themselves! Once I was able to break a few pieces off, they were allowed to have some. These treats were a big hit. If I even mentioned the name "Buffalo Blue", they would go crazy.

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