Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Room-by-Room Pet-Proofing

• Put childproof latches on cabinets
• Store laundry and cleaning products on high shelves
• Cover trash cans
• Close or lock toilet lids

• Keep laundry, clothes and shoes in closed closets
• Clear nightstands (especially of medications)
• Hide cords and electrical wires

Living Room/Den
• Put away toys and games
• Store breakable knickknacks until pet is older
• Check if houseplants are toxic to pets
• Cover heating and air vents
• Store craft and sewing materials

• Keep pet out of yard for 24 hours after using pest control or fertilizer
• Clean up antifreeze—it's lethal
• Bang on car hood to ensure cat is not hiding under the car
• Secure sharp tools, nails and tacks

These useful tips from right@home.

We don't personally use fertilizer at all and try to make sure that any potentially harmful chemicals are behind closed doors (that they can't open). We really try to use pet friendly products as much as possible and make sure all places that they can reach are safe. Read the labels, is the best advice on finding which chemicals are safe and which are not and chances are they aren't safe for humans either.


  1. Wow, what a cute picture. How old was Cercei in this photo? What a doll. PJ

  2. She was probably between six and eight months old here.