Thursday, March 12, 2009

Itchy Ears

Does the weather changes make your dog act crazy? Are their ears constantly itching? Whether it's from food allergies, seasonal changes or just plain old dirty ears, I've seen it all.

A really great product, that helps relieve the ear itch or great for cleaning ears, is NaturVet Ear Wash with TEA TREE OIL. I bought it a few years ago at a small pet store in my area (check your local pet supply store). It lasts a really long time and is fairly inexpensive. It is also available online at Amazon, as well as at many other dealers

It's all natural and can be used on dogs AND cats. You just squirt a few drops in, cover the ear with your hand or a cloth and that's really all you have to do. It says to use a tissue to wipe out any debris, but as soon as you let go they are going to shake their head and take off running. Save the wiping part for a later time. It's also very gentle, which is comforting.

Clean, itch free ears = a happy dog (or cat).

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