Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What we eat...

Nutro made their stool black. Sasha developed an allergy to Iams, which made her ears itch all the time. With so many choices out there, I had to do some research and ask around. My pal from Wags To Whiskers, located at 1363 E. Michigan Ave., Saline, MI. Phone: (734) 944-4800, told me to try the Wellness line. Believe it or not, the itching stopped within a few days. The only problem was that they didn't like it as much (yes, they are spoiled rotten).

Then I spoke with a rep from Canidae while at her other store, located at 1171 S Main Street 33, Chelsea, MI 48118. Phone: (734) 475-7000, who gave me a whole box of free samples. I thought – Wow! How nice of her. So, I tried out the Canidae. They loved it! So, we used that brand for quite a long time. The biggest problem is that all three of my dogs have seasonal allergies, and although Canidae is a top notch brand (I highly recommend it), I had to add fish oil to their food during seasonal changes. If you've ever smelled the stuff, you know how stinky it is. It's also a pain to clean up if it drips out of the bottle (which is most surely will).

Now I was back to square one and decided to give the Wellness another try. After a few meals, my dogs realized that this was "what's for dinner", and now they love it. I also add a little spoonful of soft food on top, plus the pumpkin, just for variety.

Both of those brands are of the highest quality, containing "fit for human consumption" ingrediants. For more information, visit their websites. Just click on the word: Canidae or Wellness to check it out.

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