Monday, February 16, 2009

Meet Mel

On the back of the chair.
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Our neighbor brought him over on Monday night and wanted to know if we would take him. He's already been to four homes and only a year old! The first owner was a 16 year old kid, and he kept him in a crate most of the time. Then, my neighbors took him {home #2} (related to owner #1) to find him a new place. The 3rd owners were an older couple, but since he was still just a puppy, it was too much for them and they couldn't care for him either. I think they took him camping once and he tried to run away. The 4th owners had their heat shut off, so obviously they couldn't afford to keep him. So, my neighbors took him back. They had five dogs (and sometimes up to seven) already, and knew he'd have a loving home with us.

He also never had proper care – no shots, heart-worm prevention and he still needed to be neutered. So, after letting him come over and play with Sasha and Cercei for several days to see if he would fit in, I took him to the vet for "the works" on Thursday evening. He came home Friday afternoon and immediately started copying everything the other two do. He even sleeps in the bed!

After a short amount of time, I then started to see the signs that the little guy had been abused. He was fearful of all people (except for us), cowered at the slightest noise and he would get this look of terror in his eyes when you took your belt off. I also recently found out from someone who knew one of the former owners (the ex-husband), and he informed me that Mel would actually get kicked and treated meanly by his ex-wife's brother. Who would do that? That made me furious! It's no wonder that the little fella has so many issues. Mel was actually never supposed to stay, but I'm so glad he did... that was five years ago.

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