Monday, February 16, 2009

Meet Sasha

Puppy Dog Eyes
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When we got Cercei, all was not well in our cats' world (we had six of them at the time) – she would "attack" their tails, leap at them and chase them around. When she would not stop, we decided to get her a buddy. I went to The Humane Society of Huron Valley after seeing one I liked on One of the very helpful staff members helped me try to introduce Cercei to a couple of the dogs there, but she was too scared. When I was about to give up, someone walked by with Sasha and I said that I wanted to try that one if the lady doesn't take her. Well, Sasha was more interested in me, so then Cercei became interested in Sasha. I took her home that day. It's been great ever since. Plus, it helped speed up the potty training, because Cercei copies everything that Sasha does! That will be six years ago in August.

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