Thursday, April 9, 2009

Animal Cruelty/Human Violence Awareness Week

We're singing our hearts out here – it's Animal Cruelty/Human Violence Awareness Week, April 15-21!

It is everyones' responsibility to prevent and report animal cruelty AND violence against humans. Knowing about it and doing nothing is just as bad as the ones who are guilty of it.

The ASPCA has tips on what information to have on hand when reporting...

"Try to gather the following information before submitting a report of animal cruelty:

* A concise, written, factual statement of what you observed—giving dates and approximate times whenever possible—to provide to law enforcement.
* Photographs of the location, the animals in question and the surrounding area. However, please do not put yourself in danger! Do not enter another person’s property without permission, and exercise great caution around unfamiliar animals who may be frightened or in pain.
* If you can, provide law enforcement with the names and contact information of other people who have firsthand information about the abusive situation.

Remember, never give away a document without making a copy for yourself!"

For more useful information visit the ASPCA website.

If you don't know where to turn, your local law enforcement agency is a great place to start.

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