Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dog Grooming Tools

The following accessories will aid in the maintenance of the dog’s exterior finish. All material found on Dogster.com.

Brush: It is important to select a brush that is suitable for your dog’s coat. The ideal tool is a soft wire brush that can remove tangles without irritating skin.

Comb: Usually made of steel and featuring both fine and coarse teeth, this tool can remove burrs and tangles and bring order to the coat of a longhaired dog.

Currycomb: Often made of rubber, this tool removes loose hair from shorthaired breeds while also massaging the skin.

Grooming Glove: Covered with nubby, hair-catching material, the glove is useful for face grooming, and for brushing dogs with extremely short hair.

Nail Clippers: There are two basic types—guillotine-style clippers and standard scissors-style clippers. Both work well.

Scissors: Excellent for removing particularly stubborn tangles or burrs.

Shedding Tool: This blade-like device with serrated edges is ideal for removing excess fur from longhaired breeds.

Styptic Powder: This blood-clotting powder (available at most retailers) will quickly stop bleeding caused by trimming a dog’s nails too closely.

Undercoat Rake: As the name implies, this tool removes loose hair from the dense undercoat of long-haired and thick-haired breeds, such as the husky and Irish setter.
Dog Grooming Tools

I found this useful guide on Dogster.com, but is written by –
Quirk Books: The Dog Owner's Manual is a basic guide to dog care.
"The book was written by a celebrated veterinarian and an acclaimed author. It provides dog owners with well-researched and helpful information presented in a lighthearted manner. The creators chose to write the book in a style similar to what you'd find in "operating instructions" for a car or computer. Of course they--and we--respect the fact that our beloved pets are not products or machines!"

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