Tuesday, January 12, 2010

There could be hope for dogs with cancer after all

Vical partner gets approval to market dog cancer vaccine, which is for melanoma in dogs, The San Diego Union-Tribune reported this morning. The company said its vaccine Oncept, given after disease onset, significantly extends survival time after tumor removal.

What exactly is melanonma, you ask? Melanoma is a common form of skin cancer, which show up as either dark or unpigmented tumors. Most tumors found on the skin are benign, but the risk that they are malignant is greater when found on the mouth, toes or under the eyes. 

Unlike people, dogs don't get cancer from sun exposure. Instead, experts believe that they could be caused by excessive scratching or licking, which causes skin cells to divide and multiply frequently. Older dogs (9+ years) and males tend to be at higher risk. 

Certain breeds tend to be more susceptible to developing this type of cancer, although any breed can be affected. You can read more about Melanoma in dogs by visiting the Natural Dog Health Remedies website.

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